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Cassandra Murphy Harlequin

Owner + Principle Facilitator 

Cassandra LOVES events and loves organizing and facilitating them. She has always been the person to bring the ideas of others together and carry them out. From high school to college to the present time, Cassandra has been the go to person for family, friends, church members, coworkers, civic, community, and social organizations to EXECUTE banquets, conferences, weddings, trips, and etc. So her gift, passion, and expertise was turned into a business. One of Cassandra's first major events was organizing the first Relay for Life night on the campus of Valdosta State University! With a degree in Management with emphasis on Accounting and Finance, Cassandra not only manages events, but she also makes sure that they stay on budget! Cassandra truly has a passion for helping others and loves organizing things.

What Cassandra LOVES

Spending time with her family- husband Gerville and daughter Kinsley Nicole, traveling, the beach, salad, couponing/saving money, and spending time with family and friends

Learn more about Cassandra and how she started the Plan It Brand by clicking here.

Brandi Bozeman

Bride and Bridal Party Concierge/Lady in Waiting

Jamaal Dewberry

Groom and Male Wedding Party Concierge

Courtney Fitts

Guest Concierge 

Madeline (Mimi) Seeley

Wedding Visual Assistant 

Anjel Woods

Wedding Day of Assistant