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Creative Direction and Guided Planning 

Plan It provides planning assistance to all of our clients through our creative direction and guided planning services. These services give clients reassurance that they are on the right path with their wedding planning by being a professional and experienced resource to guide them through the planning process. The Plan It Event Coordination provides a hybrid phase based process that specializes in guiding clients through the unknown territory of planning a wedding. 

Our Guided Planning Services have been structured to assist clients by providing guidance/direction for difficult aspects of wedding planning such as:

- Wedding Party Management

- Guest Management

- Budget Management

- Planning Tasks Management 

Summary of Services Provided 

(These are just highlights of the service and more detailed information will be given during the in person consultation)

- Unlimited communication and consulting services to provide advice

- Phone, Video, and In Person meetings 

- Personalized planning checklist/progress evaluations custom to the clients needs/desires

- Guest List Guide and Master Listing Assistance

- Budget Guide and Creation Assistance

- Vendor Recommendations and Selection Assistance

- Contract Evaluation

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Guest List Guide

Our 12 page Guest List Guide includes our 8 step process to help you have a smooth transition from preliminary list to master list. In the guide, we break down each step that you need to complete in the process as well as provide you with examples along the way. The guide also includes tips for invitation wording, a stationery timeline to guide you on when to send out save the dates and invitations, as well as rsvp techniques and methods. 12 complete pages of valuable information that will be a great asset for you and your guest list process! 

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If you are a Plan It Couple or thinking about becoming one do not purchase! This is given during the guest list assessment meeting of our guided planning process. 

Budget Guide

Our 12 page Budget Guide provides a step by step approach to creating a practical budget for your wedding or event. In the guide, we provide information on the average % that you should expect to pay for each vendor category as it relates to your wedding or event. The guide includes a formulated equation for guest count vs budget, summary breakdown of standard cost, and detailed breakdown of all costs that may or may not be associated with your wedding or event. 

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If you are a Plan It Couple or thinking about becoming one do not purchase! This is given during the budget assessment meeting of our guided planning process.