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What sets Plan It Event Coordination apart from others? 

Plan It Event Coordination goes above and beyond to make sure that the overall client and guest experience is wonderful. That's what sets up apart---The Experience that we provide for our clients. We pride ourselves in making sure that we cover every detail and triple check everything to ensure that we have not forgotten anything. We love being of service to others and truly want to make sure that our clients, vendors, and guests have a remarkable experience. Our service must exemplify our motto....EXECUTING an EXPERIENCE to EXCEED your EXPECTATIONS

Can I Afford A Planner/Coordinator?

Yes you can! Hiring a planner/coordinator is something you can't afford not to do! After all of the planning and money you have invested, your plans and dreams must move from idea to conception. Thus someone has to help you make sure you don't forget anything and to handle the unexpected incidents. Your peace of mind and ability to enjoy your wedding or event is priceless. You have invested so much time and money and its our job to make sure its done right!

Why Do I need a Planner/Coordinator?

Planners/Coordinators are key assets to the success of your wedding or event. Who will be responsible for making sure the photographer gets all of the pictures you request, cue the DJ for all of your major moments, be present when your vendors set up and break down, and make sure your special guests are seated where you want them to? The answer is your coordinator will handle all of that and so much more. Relying on family and friends is not fair. They want to be able to enjoy the wedding or event with you. Dont make them feel like they are hired staff. Having a professional will eliminate lots of head aches and save you money. Having a coordinator for your wedding or event results in peace of mind and a flawless EXECUTION  of your wedding or event!

My Venue has a Coordinator, do I still need an Event Coordinator?

Yes! Venue Coordinators and Event Coordinators play two different roles! Having both is a plus! However an Event Coordinator is a necessity! Venue Coordinators work for the venue and are not hired by you, thus his or her's main purpose is to make sure that you as the client follow all venue rules. He or she may or may not be present on site for the entire day of your wedding or event and they do not orchestrate your day of timeline and make sure that the day flows smoothly.